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The SALMON SCHOOL, is an international performative project that contextualizes the finality of a seemingly infinite resource. A synthesis of art and science, The SALMON SCHOOL fosters environmental awareness, bringing together diverse communities for a greater good. The physical artwork, designed to grow in number and scale concurrent with the awareness it generates, is presented as a temporary sculpture consisting of hundreds of mirrored glass forms suspended as if a school of fish. The sculpture’s display is concurrent with maritime or riverine eDNA projects conducted with local communities. Embracing art’s ability to disarm — to make something beautiful, a sculpture mimicking an ideal, a restored ecosystem — the project achieves measurable change through its actions and initiatives. 

Join Us

A Shared Future

The SALMON SCHOOL will expand to advocate, through its unique merger of art, science, and community, to benefit all wild fish. Rallying around a charismatic modern-day phoenix, this group of disparate stakeholders has come together for the benefit of wild salmon, steelhead, and trout habitats, and ultimately all of humanity.

Opportunity to Exhibit

We welcome opportunities to travel the Salmon School and it's multi media approach to your back yard. Please click HERE for a downloadable PDF of program and exhibition details. We are available to answer any of your questions.

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